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Dr. Heidemarie Wünsche Piétzka
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European Network of Dialogue Process Facilitators
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About us

A short description of the structure you can find in the presentation


The work team of the European Network for Dialogue Facilitation consists of the members of the Extended Board

> Maria Suarez Lafuente,University of Oviedo, Spain

> Riina Kytt, Women’s Training Center, Estonia

> Ferda Dogan, TOKİ Şehit İkram Cirit Anadolu Lisesi (TICAL), Turkey

> Flavia Monceri, University of Molise, Italy

> Martina Hartkemeyer, Deutsches Institut für Dialogprozess-Begleitung, Germany

> Johannes Hartkemeyer, Adolf-Reichwein-Gesellschaft, Germany

> Peter Seier, Strategy transnational, Germany

> Oskar von Homeyer, institut dialog transnational, Germany

> Heidemarie Wünsche-Piétzka, institut dialog transnational, Germany

> Tobias Hartkemeyer, Adolf-Reichwein-Gesellschaft, Germany

All of them are experienced dialogue experts in different fields of practice and research.


The supporting association (legal entity) European Network for Dialogue Facilitation e.V. is registered under German law in the Court of Berlin-Charlottenburg since February 2013.


We intensively cooperate with

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