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European Network of Dialogue Process Facilitators
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Education and Training

The DIA-FCC project provided with its trainings for potential dialogue process facilitator an inno-vative opportunity to work with different target groups in a very value oriented and individual cen-tered way.

The work program was highly ambitious. It was process oriented designed and adapted to the needs of learners and the special interests of the partner organisations.

In 4 training sessions participants were trained to facilitate dialogue processes and workshops in a gender sensitive way in English language and improved skills for reflection and self-evaluation. They are able to transfer these training experiences to different target groups. During the trainings they delivered examples of facilitating dialogue sessions in English as well as in their native lan-guage. In the course of trainings they further developed skills for DUO work.

The participants of Training of Trainers (ToT) learned to contrast their discussions and dispute communication with a methodology which enriches and enables change processes inside themselves and consequently in the social surrounding. Respectful communication - following developed and field-tested core features which have to be trained - is the key for changing not only the own attitude but also others behaviour in communication and thinking. These changes can initiate change processes.

The impact of the project is given in the wide-range spreading of the dialogue message and training competences for dialogue facilitating, in the sustainability of the results and products which can be used by others and constitutes stimuli to rethink communication procedures in families, small groups, in teams, in leadership, in business, in policy- making etc.


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