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European Network of Dialogue Process Facilitators
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During the project life time partners as well as the trainees developed different products.

Some of these products are available for general use on our website, others are designed only for internal use during the “Training of Trainers”.

Training of Trainers for Dialogue Facilitating

4 training sessions for 2 persons from each partner country were implemented (2 in Germany, 2 in Austria). The trainees have been introduced to the theoretical subject of dialogue, based on research and the work of Martin Buber, David Bohm, William Isaacs, Freeman Dhority, Daniel Goleman, Martina and Johannes Hartkemeyer et alia. They received research based background about the necessity of gender mainstreaming approaches, knowledge and experience in gender sensitive com-munication and behaviour. In training situations they experienced the power of dialogue procedures and learned as well as trained the implementation of core features of dialogue processes. Further they trained to arrange dialogue settings and to lead dialogue sessions in DUO methodology. The reflection rounds in the peer group as well as the feedback of trainers are important key facts in all individual and group learning processes. Until the end of the trainings all trainees had to deliver a dialogue workshop to a special target group of their delegating organisation (in native language), to report on it and to demonstrate the gained skills practically in the multinational, multicultural train-ing group. Successful participation in the entire training program has been attested by the Center for Women's and Gender Research of the University of Leipzig.

Folder - Sheet collection system

Trainees work with this folder which was completed in the course of the entire training program. This training material holds information sheets, worksheets, exercises, documentations of all Training of Trainer sessions, material about the workshops which were to deliver by all trainees to the special target group of the delegating partner organization, a glossary, bibliography, etc.

Translation of the core features in the languages of project partners

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Workshops of Trainees in partner organisations

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Educational material for dialogue workshops

The elaborated educational material is available in 7 European languages on the project website. It is suitable to be used by all in dialogue methodology experienced people.

Final Conference in Sofia

The conference organised by the Bulgarian partners puts all project results in a context of sustainability. It  popularized a creative methodological approach of communication to facilitate common understanding and creative common thinking for European professionals, EU experts in policy making, experts in training as well as a broader interested public. Our experiences with an essential methodology to provide adults with pathways to improve their knowledge & develop the key competences will be transfered.

European Network of Dialogue Facilitators

Promoting the sustainability of project results of “DIALOGUE – Facilitating Creative Communica-tion” (2009-2012) an European pool of dialogue process facilitators was founded in April 2012.


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