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European Network of Dialogue Process Facilitators
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The European Network for Dialogue Facilitation (ENDF)

… is a result of the multilateral project "DIALOGUE - Facilitating Creative Communication" which trained trainers from different countries in dialogue facilitation based on the methodological approach developed by David Bohm and others.

The purpose of the network is education and further education for enhancing dialogical skills of individuals and groups in different fields of practice to promote respectful, tolerant and diversity appreciating attitudes for co-operation of people and organisations on different levels. Promoting dialogical intercultural and interreligious communication for common and mutual learning is one of the main aims.

Members are currently certified dialogue facilitators from 10 countries and dialogue facilitating trainers and researchers with teaching background in universities. One of the main purposes is transnational cooperation and project work aiming at networking of these experts.

The extended board consists of 11 experts. They have built and are active in working groups like research, training of trainers, certification standards for facilitators, quality assurance and ethical standards, summer academies, project development. All of them are dealing in their professional life with the subject of dialogical communication but from different perspectives - like research, teaching, training, facilitating etc. The board organizes "Training of Trainers for Dialogue Facilitating" in German and English language, seminars, workshops, conferences and other forms of learning offers.

In developing transnational projects aiming at disseminating the dialogue idea and enlarging the community of certified dialogue facilitators the ENDF tries to enrich the culture of communication in Europe in different fields.

The board members are actively involved in the founding process of a European Dialogue Academy in Strani, Czech Republic, which will offer a place and learning arrangements for dialogical civic education to strengthen European citizenship.



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