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European Network of Dialogue Process Facilitators
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Partner in Estonia

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Women’s Training Centre
Coordinator: Riina Kytt
Turu 6A-13
Tallinn 10113/Estonia

link to the project: dialogue facilitating project


Skype™: riinakytt

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The Women's Training Centre, a non-profit organization has since nearly two decades been at the forefront of developments introducing into the Estonian context new topics and method and areas of learning and teaching, among them gender equality and gender mainstreaming. Doing so it has extensively worked with a wide range of learners' groups, mostly women, but also mixed groups of learners in terms of sex, age, ethnic origin, professional background, etc, also disabled people. It has developed strong networks among public and private actors and stakeholders; is also member of the Estonian Women's Associations' Roundtable. The Women's Training Centre has cooperation partners across Europe and has a lot of project experience working internationally. Its members have also worked extensively with transcaucasian countries developing women's networks and engaging in providing knowledge of gender issues and gender mainstreaming.


  • takes part actively in the work of Steering Committee and contributes with gender and gender mainstreaming competence to a gender sensitive project implementation and supports DUO work
  • sends 2 persons with training skills, experiences and with knowledge of English as working language to the trainings for Dialogue Facilitators
  • supports organisation and accomplishment of 2 dialog workshops in Estonia during the 3-year term of the project
  • sends 1 educational/training expert to the Editorial Board meeting
  • enables the translation of educational/training material in Estonian language
  • organises the printing of training material for each training session for all trainees
  • organises the conditions for implementing the 2nd meeting of Steering Committee in Tallinn
  • supports dissemination, valorisation and networking in Estonia and with its foreign partners to spread the message of necessity of dialogue skills in various fields of work


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