Strategy transnational e. V.
Dr. Heidemarie Wünsche Piétzka
Theaterstrasse 76
09111 Chemnitz/Germany

phone: +49 371 3346015
fax: +49 371 3346016

European Network of Dialogue Process Facilitators
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Partner in Germany - Leipzig

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Strategy transnational e. V.
Coordinator: Peter Seier
Theaterstrasse 76
09111 Chemnitz

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Strategy transnational e. V.

is an association of experts in research, education, training, organisational development & consulting. It has profound knowledge & experience regarding gender mainstreaming & gender mainstreaming implementation processes in different fields and at various levels – national and international. Research based project development and project implementation focussed on subjects to design sustainable future for people and societies, innovative methods of implementation and co-operation and transfer of these targets into educational and learning arrangements for different target groups in various countries are main activities. Transnational co-operation in subjects like equal opportunities between men & women, gender equity & equality, development of methods and modules promoting common & mutual learning in these fields and connecting it with organisational learning are main purposes. A special engagement is developed to promote NGOs and East and West cooperation for learning.

STRATEGY transnational

  • takes part actively in the work of the Steering Committee, contributes with gender and gender mainstreaming competence to a gender sensitive project implementation
  • transfers experience in developing East-West-DUO work concepts & shares experience of dialogue workshops with partners
  • sends 2 persons with training skills, experiences and with knowledge of English as trainees for Dialogue Facilitating
  • supports organisation and accomplishment of 2 dialog workshops in Germany during the 3-year term of the project
  • sends 1 educational/training expert to the Editorial Board meeting
  • takes responsibility for technical & administrative tasks of the partnership
  • offers networking & cooperation skills (practically & in teaching) and its European project expertise for process oriented project development
  • supports dissemination, valorisation and networking in Germany and Europe to spread the message of necessity of dialogue skills in various fields of work


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