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European Network of Dialogue Process Facilitators
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Partner in Iceland

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Evolvia ehf
Coordinator: Matilda Gregersdotter
Klapparstig 25 – 27 5h
101 Reykjavik/Iceland

fon: +354 822 35 10



EVOLVIA is a small enterprise of experts which is specialised in leading training programs on international level to promote conscious leadership. Especially international certifying programs in the coaching methodology are offered. All co-workers are certified coaches of the International Coach Federation (ICF) and experienced in international cooperation. Trainings in coaching methodology are facilitated in person and in web based learning environment. The mission statement of EVOLVIA is devoted to Leadership with a Coaching Approach.

Leadership with a coaching approach is for those managers or leaders that understand or want to understand the connection between individual growth and the outcome, for leaders interested in releasing potential and to improve core competencies what is very useful in leading individuals and groups.


  • takes part actively in the work of the Steering Committee
  • sends 2 persons with training skills, experiences and with knowledge of English as working language to the trainings for Dialogue Facilitators and supports DUO work of trainers
  • supports organisation and accomplishment of 2 dialog workshops in Iceland during the 3-year term of the project
  • sends 1 educational/training expert to the Editorial Board meeting
  • enables the translation of educational/training material in Icelandic language
  • organises the development of the corporate design of the project (and the future European pool of Dialogue Facilitators) in cooperation with the Steering Committee members
  • supports dissemination, valorisation and networking in Iceland and with its foreign partners in order to spread the message of necessity of dialogue skills in various fields of work
  • provides coaching for its trainees
  • opens its e-learning tools for interested partners and participants


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