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European Network of Dialogue Process Facilitators
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Partner in Bulgaria

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Center of Women’s Studies and Policies
Coordinator: Roza Dimova
7 A Graf Ignatiev street, 4-th floor, apt. 7
Sofia 1000/Bulgaria




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The mission of the Center of Women's Studies and Policies (CWSP) is to initiate and implement, independently or in partnership with other NGOs and civic associations, activities targeted to guaranteeing gender equality in the political, economic, and social sphere as an integral part of the democratization process in Bulgarian society. Its main aims are to consolidate and strengthen women’s NGOs, to support the women’s movement in Bulgaria, to promote women’s issues, to protect women’s human rights and to promote the development and adoption of policies guaranteeing gender equality.


  • takes part actively in the work of the Steering Committee and contributes with gender and gender mainstreaming competence to a gender sensitive project implementation and supports DUO work
  • sends 2 persons with training skills, experiences and with knowledge of English as working language to the trainings for Dialogue Facilitators
  • supports organisation and accomplishment of 2 dialog workshops in Bulgaria during the 3-year term of the project
  • sends 1 educational/training expert to the Editorial Board meeting
  • enables the translation of educational/training material in Bulgarian language
  • organises the conditions for implementing the meeting of editorial board and the 3rd (last) meeting of Steering Committee - which will be linked with the CWSP conference in Sofia
  • supports dissemination, valorisation and networking in Bulgaria and with its foreign partners in order to spread the message of necessity of dialogue skills in various fields of work


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