Strategy transnational e. V.
Dr. Heidemarie Wünsche Piétzka
Theaterstrasse 76
09111 Chemnitz/Germany

phone: +49 371 3346015
fax: +49 371 3346016

European Network of Dialogue Process Facilitators
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Partner in Germany - Chemnitz

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Universität Leipzig, Centre for Research on Women and Gender
Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Ilse Nagelschmidt
Beethovenstrasse 15
04107 Leipzig



fon: 0049 - 341 - 97 37 353

Centre for Research on Women and Gender (CRWG)

CWGR - is the only Centre of this kind in Saxony - an exclusively third-party funded institution with multidisciplinary research about and experience in implementing gender mainstreaming in various fields and on different levels. It developed the concept for implementing Gender Mainstreaming in the government of Saxony and assists intensively with conferences, lectures, seminars, trainings in further development of personal and organisational skills and capacities for implementation in different organisations. Practice oriented development and promotion of methodological skills are in special focus which stimulates action learning & action research in a subject which needs more attention in society as well as in change processes in organisations. An expert team started to promote dialogue facilitating transnational to provide not only examples but models for practitioners. We plan to develop in East-West European cooperation a pool of certified trainers for dialogue facilitating.


  • coordinates the project on the basis of multidisciplinary research, educational and didactic background from a perspective of the experiences gained in the Dialogue Learning Partnership
  • organises 1st meeting of Steering Committee and 2 of 4 trainings in Leipzig
  • carries out 4 trainings with certified experts who are used to work as a transnational gender DUO & transfers these experiences to the trainees
  • sends 2 persons with training skills, experiences and with knowledge of English as working language as trainees for Dialogue Facilitators
  • supports organisation & accomplishment of 2 dialog workshops in Germany during the 3-year term of the project
  • supports the German expert in training material development & in the Editorial Board meeting
  • enables translation of educational/training material in German language
  • generates project experience-based research subjects to study obstacles and most favorable conditions for gender sensitive dialogue


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